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Retired, at age 72, divorced, a dream of sixty years came into focus. I had to have a sailboat. I wanted adventure on the ocean, and I was going to do it by myself.  November 8th 2008, I began A Voyage of Consequence. Forty-six months later,  after sailing 23,000 nautical miles, from California to French Polynesia, New Zealand, Fiji, Tuvalu,  Republic of Marshall Islands, Kodiak, Alaska and back to California, Moss Landing, Monterey Bay, I returned nearly blind.  But my head full of visions and conversations with new friends,on islands I had only read about.

A Voyage of Consequence is  written in the present tense; as an educational adventure.  Anybody thinking about go to sea sailing solo, or otherwise, should read this book. Available as an e-book or paperback version, at Amazon.com